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TG Circuit Breaker

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  • Product description:Junwei low voltage consumer differential circuit breaker and circuit breaker, blue price 3-36 KVA:-C

Junwei low voltage consumer differential circuit breaker and circuit breaker, blue price 3-36 KVA:

-Cut off and cut off the whole device
- Prevent overload and short circuit.
-Has a size setting to limit the power of a subscribed ERDF contract
- Ensure that personnel are protected from indirect contact and prevent fire risk by monitoring the isolation level (differential version)

- Selective differential allows full selectivity to the downstream 30 Ma differential device (NF C 15-100) and enhances immunity to interference caused by atmosphere or other phenomena (accidental triggering)

- plumb
Protection device technology:
ERDF branch circuit breaker has multiple protection functions

- Overvoltage protection is realized by magnetic "dash pot" oleo trigger.

The line current to be controlled flows through the magnetic trigger coil, and the required triggering time (depending on the strength) is obtained by moving the magnetic core into a tube containing oil with viscosity independent of temperature.

-The earth fault current protection is realized by differential residual current trigger.
The earth leakage current is detected by the vector sum of the phase current and neutral current of the primary winding of the ring current transformer. The ring secondary current supplies power for the high sensitivity magnetic polarization differential relay.

In the selective differential mode, the differential trip is delayed intentionally by inserting an RC integral network electronic delay card with energy accumulation between the ring secondary side and the differential relay.

-The operating mechanism of the control mechanism is a free trip lever with two stable switch positions marked by symbols I and o.

- The infrared phase current caliper can be adjusted by moving an immovable screw, which can be accessed in the front caliper cache. This cache holds only the number that corresponds to the amperage setting you selected.

By sealing the calibration buffer, you can disable interference with settings.
The differential unit can be tested by a circuit that can be operated by a forward button and is labeled "test".

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