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SGB H10 6 10KV Environmentally Friendly Dry type Transformer price

Specification: 200-500 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 10 PIECE
Supply Ability: 100 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Brand NameJunw

Range of Application

capacity and great overload withstand capacity. It is of small volume, high quality and low partial discharge, fireproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, low-loss, low-noise, free of harmful gas, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Therefore this type is most suitable for moist and dirty locations of wide load change range and fire-proof requirements such as airport, power plant, metallurgy, hospital, high building, shopping center, 

Ambient Conditions

Power supply voltage wave: sine wave

Symmetry of multi-phase power supply voltage: power supply voltage 

of multi-phase transformer should be symmetrical 

Ambient temperature:

Highest temperature: 40°C

Highest daily average temperature: 30°C

Highest annual average temperature 20°C

Lowest temperature: -30°C (applied to indoor transformer)


SGZB(H)10 6~10KV Environmentally Friendly  Dry- type Load Transformer

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Installation Guidelines
IEC 61439
International standards


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