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 Different advantages

1. Electric meter box is a special box for electricity metering, which completely solve the personal injury and death accidents caused by poor grounding of the box and overlapping of foreign matters; low comprehensive use cost; effectively resist the impact of external forces; no suffocation gas will be produced when burning under high temperature.

2. Distribution box: small size, simple installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not limited by the site, relatively common application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, less land occupation and environmental protection effect.

Different uses

1. Meter box: the meter box is a special box for low-voltage power distribution lines, generally used as the cable branch box, low-voltage distribution box, water pump control box, communication device cabinet, street light and traffic light control box, multi-functional metering box, integrated distribution box, capacitance compensation box, terminal box, wall mounted distribution box, metering box, etc. in the public power grid.

2. Distribution box: the distribution box is generally used for household use, or for centralized power supply, such as industrial power and building power. The distribution box belongs to low-voltage complete equipment.


Installation Guidelines
IEC 61439
International standards


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