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In our daily life, we often use transformers in TV, recorder, air conditioner and other electrical appliances. A transformer is an electrical device used to transfer power from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. In electronic systems, the term "power transformer" is used to supply a number of AC power sources with a number of voltages and appropriate values from a common power source.

Power Transformers

The Power transformer is a one kind of transformer, that is used to transfer electrical energy in any part of the electrical or electronic circuit between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. These transformers are used in distribution systems to interface step up and step down voltages. The common type of power transformer is liquid immersed and the life span of these transformers is around 30 years. Power transformers can be classified into three types based on the ranges. They are small power transformers, medium power transformers and large power transformers.

These transformers transform the voltage. It holds a low voltage, high current circuit at one side of the transformer and on the other side of the transformer it holds high voltage low current circuit. Power transformer depends on the principle of Faradays induction. They describe the power system into zones where every gear connected to the system is sized per the ratings set by the power transformer.

Power Transformer applications

The applications of the power transformer include the transmission and distribution of electrical power. These transformers are widely used by power plants, industrial plants and traditional electric utility companies.

Power transformers are used in the high voltage transmission network to step up and step down the voltage. These transformers are generally used for the purpose of transmission of heavy loads.

These transformers are big in size compared with distribution transformers, that are used in producing station and transmission substation. Power transformers are used in the transmission n/w. So they do not connect directly connect to the consumers. So load fluctuations of transformer are less. Power transformers are mainly designed to use the core part for maximum and will function very much near to the knee point of the B-H curve. This takes down the mass of the core extremely. Naturally, power transformers have the corresponding copper losses and iron losses at higher load.

Thus, this is all about power transformer construction, power transformer specifications and applications. We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept. 


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