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The intelligent low-voltage universal disconnector uses AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V, 660V, rated current 200A-6300A in the distribution network to distribute power and protect the line and power equipment from overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, blue Grounded, etc.

At the risk, the circuit breaker has a variety of intelligent protection functions, which can be selected for protection, with correct action, avoid unnecessary power outages, and improve power supplyability. Universal circuit breakers are used to distribute power and protection lines and power supply menestion, under voltage, short circuit

Etc. Under normal conditions, it can be used as a line for conversion. Circuit breakers below 1250A can be used to protect motorized over and short circuits in an AC 50H2 voltage of 380V. Under normal conditions, it can also be used as a non-proper starter for electric motors.

The universal road structure is to be levied as follows:

(1) The DW15630 new road device is divided into two types: the fixed type and the drawn type. The pumping reverse is composed of the main body of the circuit breaker and the pumping empty. The new road is in the form of a three-dimensional cloth. The head system, the instantaneous overcurrent and the left and right panels are not mounted on a single plate, and the upper part is equipped with an arc extinguishing system.

The system can be placed on the right side of the front side. There are minutesand stagesand manual disconnection of the wing mechanism. The upper left part is divided into trip units. Trip half shaft connection, return saturation current transformer or current voltage converter

Wear on the lower busbar, when the power is on, the capacitors, relays or electronic type are respectively under the circuit breaker.

(2) DW1510004000 type circuit breaker also adopts three-dimensional arrangement form, which consists of bottom, side plate and horizontal, and the phase contact system is installed on the bottom and above. The aid is constructed in front of the white of the breaker, through the spindle and the thread system

even. The electric operating mechanism has a shaft and a machine integrated into the lower part of the circuit breaker. It can be used as a circuit breaker for the circuit breaker. The rear stage can be supported by the electromagnet. The anti-return mechanism is installed above the left side plate to prevent the circuit breaker. When the device is on

Various overcurrent disconnectors are connected to different requirements under the faulty device. The undervoltage, the split loader and the electric operation control part are mounted on the left side, wherein the undervoltage and the buckle are connected to the amplifying mechanism through the decoupler. Less breakage of the circuit breaker, 6 pairs of paving aids

The user connects to the secondary circuit, and the panel displays the indications of the circuit breaker working position "T, 0" and "the energy storage indication, as well as the T and "0" (both pressed) for the station and the same, DW151600 Road hand has hand action

DW52500, 4000 road end yang has manual operation hand (can be removed)

(3) D15HH universal circuit breaker is the secondary development product of DW5. The two types of circuit breakers are divided into three types: three-dimensional cloth, side plates and group results. Each phase of the narrow-head system is installed on the frame. Operational structure

The front of the road is connected to the start-up system through the main shaft. The electric action machine is connected to the lower part of the circuit breaker through the square shaft and the mechanism. The signal of the circuit breaker can be used for direct reading and closing, and the closed circuit can be completed by electromagnetic assistance. There is anti-return above the left plate

The mechanism is to prevent the break in the time-sharing, the under-powered jade and the shunting device are connected to the half-turn by the amplifying mechanism, and the tripping force with less breaking. The panel has an indication of the working position of the circuit breaker. "."O" and control, manual assistance

Handle for manual energy storage (only 2000)


Installation Guidelines
IEC 61439
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